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Semear Project

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Adimax over the years has been its dedication to pets and also to people. As a way to further enhance this bond and encourage the culture of donation, the company is launching a new social program, the Projeto Semear, which aims to monthly benefit people with disabilities and […]

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Fórmula do Bem

In partnering with Vet clinics, Adimax, through the Fórmula Natural brand, patronize pets and/or elderly with some disability, contributing on three work fronts for a better animal life’s quality: Fórmula Natural pet food donation, incentive actions to the donation of dogs, and cats with this kind of profile and pet care orientation. This choice was

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Alimente o Bem

Another social action aimed at animal causes is “Alimente o Bem” project, a volunteer work that invites Adimax team members, family, and friends to experience the NGO’s daily life. Furthermore, this action is a way to share affection for dogs and cats which live there, providing a better quality and happiness moments.

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Magnus Visit

The oldest Adimax social action (2011), the Magnus Visit counts on the help of the brand’s ambassador: the dog Magnus. With his docile and calm manner, the mascot acts as a therapy dog visiting institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, and schools.

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Pet Terapia

With the purpose to share love and comfort with those who need it, Origens do partnering with many therapies pet groups since 2020. This work is located in different Brazilian cities and as a goal, provides a unique moment to elderly, sick people and children. The positive impact is visible in the smile of those

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Nutrindo Amor

Nutrindo Amor was created with finality to improve the life’s quality of the elderly who are in nursing houses around the Country. With the geriatric diaper’s donation, Items used currently and continuous, this social action supports thousands of elderlies who are in nursing houses for long permanence, inviting also partners stores to be part of

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Magnus Institute

Magnus Institute was created with the purpose of becoming to society a consent and welcoming ambience for others, and nothing fairer than choosing the man’s best friend to social changing help. Guide dog is the start to the community understand the importance of this kind of inclusion, mainly the day-to-day difficulties which disabilities visual people

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Lojista Solidário

Aimed at helping the animal cause, Lojista Solidário has been developing, since 2018, a feed collection campaign within a partner storekeeper. Inviting and creating stimuli for society to also contribute, at the end of 30 days the amount collected is delivered to the benefited NGO or protector. Added to this amount, Adimax also makes its

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