Adimax seeks to ensure the inclusion of everyone. That’s why we spare no effort to improve our communication channels, making them more accessible. One of these changes is on our website, which we made, applied and improved the accessibility resources for people with disabilities. Now, it will be easier to keep in touch with you.

Website features

Surfing by keyboard

Our website supports screen readers and hotkey navigation without the use of a mouse.

Font size

On the Smartphone and Tablet, the website allows the use of pinch gesture so that you can increase the size of elements. Using a keyboard, you can modify the browser’s zoom as follows:

Ctrl/Command +

Zoom in;

Ctrl/Command –

Zoom out;

Ctrl 0

Default Zoom;



Use the shortcuts below to facilitate your access:

Ctrl + 1

Direct access to the main content of the current page;

Ctrl + 2

Direct access to the main navigation menu;

Ctrl + 3

Direct access to the page footer;